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  • Natural cosmetics instead of chemicals in dog care The topic of dog grooming is rarely discussed among owners. It only comes up when their beloved four-legged friend has rolled in a natural odor-defying deodorant that challenges human olfactory senses. Or when ticks and fleas are on the rise. Otherwise, dog shampoos or soaps are not […]

  • Dog and Allergy! Important Details

    The quality of life for an affected or sensitive dog can be significantly improved with an anti-allergic dog bed. What should be considered? Allergies in Dogs Just like humans, dogs can experience sensitivities or allergies to various substances. The most common causes of allergies in dogs are fleas, dust mites, pollen, and ingredients in their […]

  • Reason for dog diarrhea

    There are many possible causes that can lead to diarrhea, so it would be an extremely long list if we were to address everything. However, here is a list of the most important causes: What Dog Feces Reveal About Health In general, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian rather than self-diagnosing your pet. However, […]

  • Why Dogs are eating feces?

    We humans find it quite disgusting when a dog eats feces. The act of dogs eating feces is called coprophagia and is considered normal behavior to a certain extent in dogs and other animal species. Although it may not be a pleasant sight for you as a dog owner, there is no reason to punish […]

  • Dog Beds: Gel Foam or Memory Foam?

    Gel foam mats have some similarities to memory foam mats, but there are also differences. These differences are not significant but should be considered when making a decision to choose the ideal sleeping place. Similarities between Gel Foam and Memory Foam: Both mats provide a soft sinking sensation for the dog, and the foam perfectly […]

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